Dentsply Protaper Universal Retreatment Files: 6 Files


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  • Dark grey handles no more than 11mm long for better visibility.
  • One, two or three white bands according to the instrument selected.
  • 3 lengths, 3 progressive tapers and 3 apical diameters to remove materials from coronal, middle and apical thirds of root canals.
  • The D1 has a working tip to facilitate initial penetration.


ProTaper Universal retreatment files are designed to be used in sequence to remove filling materials, such as gutta-percha, carrier-based obturators and paste fillers.  The three, easily identified files are designed for the different needs of unfilling the coronal third, the mid-third and the apical third – before canal reshaping.  A working tip on the D1 file facilitates initial penetration.  Each handle is no more than 11 mm for better visibility.

D1 has a cutting tip to facilitate initial penetration into the filling material. D2 and D3 both have non-cutting tips and are used to remove material from the mid and apical thirds, respectively.



  • D1 – cutting tip to facilitate initial penetration
  • D2 and D3 – non-cutting tips
  • D2 and D3 – to remove material from mid and apical thirds