About Us

Pranav Shukla, an MBA from top-notch institute quit his high-paying job in 2020, and surveyed around 60 dentists in order to figure out some solutions that can make the life of a dentist easier in India. And, that led to deyo.in , A web-portal with 500+ dentists & India’s largest online dental store deyoproducts.com

We in Deyo Dental Products aim to bridge the gap between Dental Manufacturers & Dentists on a single online platform for wide range of dental equipment and products with better price discovery. We in Deyo Dental aim to bring transparency and reduce the multiple layers in the dental supply chain. Deyoproducts.com has collaborated with almost all major brands in dental industry. Ultimately, Deyo Dental assists the dentists in Inventory Management, Procurement of Dental Supplies at lower prices in relatively lesser time.