Dazzlo Teeth Whitening Trial Kit : 2 applications


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  • Customised at-home teeth whitening system
  • Tailor-made as per your teeth, gums, needs and teeth-whitening goals.
  • If you are looking for a dazzling white smile,  Deyo Dentists ask a few questions related to your teeth and gums. Based on the responses received by you, Deyo Dentists determine the befitting concentration of whitening agent and its quantity needed to give you the desired smile.

10% concentration, 16% concentration, 22% concentration, 35% concentration


  • 1.5 ml of Dazzlo Bleaching Gel
  • 2 ml of GumPro Gel
  • 2 Mouthguards
  • 1 Cheek Retractor
  • 6 Cotton Rolls
  • 2 Applicator Tips
  • 1 Post-Whitening Toothpaste

Directions For Use

  1. Brush & floss your teeth prior to using the kit. Dazzlo teeth whitening kit works the best on clean teeth.
  2. Fit the cheek retractor in the mouth for easy application of gels.
  3. Dry upper and lower front teeth surface by wiping with a cotton roll.
  4. Apply Gumpro gel on gumline (between your gums and teeth) to protect gums from Dazzlo gel.
  5. Apply Dazzlo gel on the front surface of your upper and lower front teeth.
  6. Spread the Dazzlo gel evenly on the surface of front teeth by help of applicator tip given.
  7. Place the given trays on your upper and lower jaws.
  8. After placing trays, you can remove the cheek retractor.
  9. Leave the gel and trays in the same position for 30 mins to 6 hours depending on the gel concentration given to you. (10%- 4 hours, 16%- 2 hours, 22%- 1 hour, 35%- 30 minutes)
  10. After the stipulated time period, remove the trays and wipe your teeth and gums from a clean cotton roll.
  11. Rinse off your teeth. Brush any remaining gel away with toothpaste given in kit.