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    Uniclave UV Chamber Econom 12 Tray

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    Uni-clave Glass Beads Packet

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    • Fill the sterilizer with the glass beads from the bottle/packet. Using a funnel for pouring the beads will help prevent them from spilling into the sterilizer housing
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    Uni-clave Glass Bead Sterilizer

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    Glass Beads Sterilizers and Glass Sterilizer models are Medical, Dental, Laboratory, and Biotechnology, etc. Subsequently, we are the renowned suppliers in India and easily approachable for wholesale sterilizers at market leading prices. Glass Beads Sterilizers are Quick, Easy, and Accurate alternatives to traditional methods of sterilization. Once switched ‘ON’ the units are ready to use within Three to Four Minutes and ensure total sterilization by the destruction of all Micro-organisms within Seconds.

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    Uniclave UV Chamber Econom Digital

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