Fluoroyo Fluoride Treatment Kit

Fluoroyo gel contains Xylitol and fluoride ion from Sodium Fluoride. Fluoroyo helps in preventing and someimes reversing the tooth decay among kids as well as adults. Fluoroyo is at-home fluoride treatment kit that can be used at home as directed by the dentist.


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Primary benefits of Fluoroyo gel are-

  • Protects outer layer of your teeth
  • Remineralizes your teeth
  • Helps Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay
  • Using fluoroyo ensures healthy teeth and thus helps in saving money on expensive dental treatments
  • Fluoroyo slows or even reverses the development of cavities and tooth decay by killing bacteria that cause cavities.



Age Group

6 months – 4 years, 4 years – 8 years, 8 years – 17 years, 17 years and above


  1. 6 ml Fluoroyo Gel
  2. 2 Customised Trays
  3. 6 Cotton Rolls
  4. 2 Applicator Tips