Dentsply M-Access K-Reamer 21mm: Pack of 6


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K Reamers have a triangular cross-section with loose spirals around the flute. Reamers have 2.5 times more cutting efficiency. They have a reaming motion. These are used to ream canals, they cut the canals by inserting into the canal by twisting clockwise one quarter to half turn and then withdrawing i.e penetrating, rotating and retracting.


A complete and affordable line of hand tools m.access for general dentists from DENTSPLY Maillefer. A comprehensive solution for high-quality root canal treatment at an affordable price. M.access stainless steel tools have an ergonomic design; plastic handles are color-coded according to ISO, in a package of 6 sizes of tools. M.access hand tools are convenient and easy to use. A silicone length limiter gives the clinician control, which further helps to correctly guide the tip of the instrument in the root canal. This feature increases the safety and efficiency of the instrument during the treatment process.