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    Goodwill Hemosponge 10x10x10 MM Absorbable Gelatin Sponge 32/pack

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    • Effectively stop all kinds of oozing blood (capillary, parenchymal or arteriovenous).
    • Can hold around 35 – 40 times of its own weight of blood/body fluids within its matrix.
    • pH neutral and can be impregnated with wide variety of pharmaceuticals/biologics.
    • Manufactured from highly purified gelatin (collagen derived protein)
    • Non-toxic, non-allergic and biocompatible.
    • Liquefies within 3 – 4 days when placed in mucosal cavity.
    • Completely biodegradable (metabolised by proteolytic enzymes) and absorb in body within 4-6 weeks when placed in tissues.
    • Manufactured in HEPA filtered clean rooms with environmentally and microbiologically monitored air.
    • Sterilized by gamma irradiation after final packaging to destroy any microorganisms without negatively affecting the physical properties of product.
    • Double packed for assurance of sterility.
    • Supplied in the form of READY-TO-USE. No need to resterilize the product before its use.
    • Complies US Pharmacopoeia standards.